Headaches & Pain Relief

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Pain can occur in any part of the body, seemingly for no reason on occasion and often manifest in the head or back, or as period pains for women. However, painkillers have been developed to target specific pains such as joint pain or muscular pains, and fast acting painkillers are readily available. Special painkillers are available for children.

More than 190,000 people in the UK suffer from migraine attacks every day. They are, by far, one of the most common health complaints. Whilst some of us may suffer the occasional throbbing, thudding sensations, otherwise known as headaches, others have more severe headaches, known as migraines. 

Symptoms of Headaches & Pain

Often the cause of pain is obvious, a broken leg, or a bruise. But there are times when the source of pain is unseen, for example a slipped disc. Occasionally it is very difficult to find the exact cause of a person’s pain.

Pain signals use the spinal cord and specialised nerve fibres to travel to our brain. This involves our whole body. It is more than just a network of wires. These fibres also work to process the pain signals. All together they work like a very powerful computer.

Sometimes this computer system can go wrong. The messages get confused and the brain cannot understand the signals properly. It can lead to chronic or persistent pain, which can be very hard to repair. Unfortunately, we cannot just re-boot the system. 

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